ESPN 1450 Bracket Challenge

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Current leading brackets (see top 500 brackets)

UserFinal score
Kristy0479Bracket 4770Show bracket
Kristy0479Bracket 2760Show bracket
boilerbumBracket 2760Show bracket
nriggleBracket 2750Show bracket
MightyGasGiantBracket 1740Show bracket
zapperrocksBracket 5730Show bracket
tdrombaBracket 3730Show bracket
Rabbit28Bracket 1730Show bracket
Xumuskies1Bracket 1720Show bracket
Rabbit28Bracket 3720Show bracket
djdraon960Bracket 1720Show bracket
boilers24Bracket 2720Show bracket
boilers24Bracket 5720Show bracket
BoilerBabeBracket 3720Show bracket
skye123076Bracket 3710Show bracket
Contest scoring

1st round (32 games) 10 points each
2nd round(16 games)20 points each
3rd round(8 games)40 points each
4th round (4 games) 80 points each
Semifinals(2 games)120 points each
Finals(1 game)160 points
Tiebreakertotal points in championship game


The contest winner will receive a flat screen tv!

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